Wilson Gramer

Hi, I’m Wilson Gramer

I’m a computer science student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I work at Make Directory on Koroid, a healthcare resource management system. I’m also building Wipple, a programming language for teaching students how to code.

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My work


I have three years of experience at Make Directory, where I work on Koroid, a resource management system for healthcare. I maintain Koroid’s mobile app and focus on machine learning research and development. koroid.com


Designed for students, the Wipple programming language offers an easy-to-use, interactive environment for learning to code. Use Wipple to make drawings, play music, explore math, and much more. wipple.dev


Under WPI professor and Multiverse Concert Series director David Ibbett’s mentorship, I designed an interactive audience app performed during the Mars Symphony at the Museum of Science, Boston. multiverseseries.org, wpi.edu

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